Let me introduce myself, my name is Nasha Carter and my friends call me Nae.

 I am the creator of bold and the owner of lixury I plan to take this brand far but I want to share something with all of you about growth; I’m not talking  physical growth, I’m talking mental growth. 

For starters a few years ago, months even weeks ago I’ve been evolving each day I grow mentally I’m no longer closed minded I’m no longer the old me.

Today I’m more open minded , loving , caring , positive , peaceful and focusing on protecting my energy.

At times I may slip and yell, get angry, sad and even petty but those are the things I’m changing slowly even though I will always slip because I am human.

But I want to grow mentally than physically so I can be at a higher place than I was yesterday.

I’m always fighting to beat who I was yesterday and it’s very hard task. Sometimes I can still be that person from yesterday the next day but tomorrow I will be a more improved me.

Each day I plan to evolve and grow. What doesn’t grows dies slowly and painfully. See if you’re not growing you’re just stuck and will always be upset pointing fingers at anyone instead of recognizing it’s you. Your fault, no one else.

See sometimes I do get stuck or feel stuck because I stop moving and growing so I pray on it I pray for new opportunities, moves, views and guidance.

God answer every time and he always delivers better things than what I’ve asked for and now I’m no longer feeling like I’m stuck because I’m starting to grow once again.

This blog my brand was an idea and I struggle with how to make it better. Then it just hit me I want to be a rare blog I want to be better than the others than just blog about me yes I will post celebrities of my choice and my thoughts on things but I don’t want to be a typical blog.

I am Bold n Loud and lixury and Bold N Loud and lixury is me. I’m fighting to improve this brand as I am fighting to improve and out grow myself.

The only competition I see is myself because I’m in my own lane. As I grow so will my brand.

To sum this up keep growing and never stop.


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