@Nashacarter: Visions be vivid I don’t lie I live it.
My visions be on to the next level of vivid which includes my life. 

I then realize I get visions from many thing which being dreams, someone’s tweet, a thought ,an image, a sound, music , a conversation. 

They’re really signs and messages which becomes visions when I put them together or just short imagines of the future.

It’s on a rise see I want to start a vision board but I’m scared that someone might see.

B Simone is right if someone will see what you’re dreaming and thinking they will give feed back and that energy might be negative.

Everyone isn’t rooting for me and like everyone don’t want to see me succeed or they just don’t believe somethings can happen.
But these are my dreams and goals and I will achieve so my vision board is a little bit different.
To keep it safe sometimes my vision board is locked into my head but I get so overwhelmed that I write it down in my notes or notebook.
Sometimes I draw the pictures alive but when I have a place that’s mine for just my eyes I will make an official vision board.
I stop sharing my visions, dreams and goals once I saw people laughing at me and saying I will fail.

It’s bad energy and it does things to you for the worst.

So I keep it to myself and I feel something big coming. 

I’m happy what I know and what I’ve seen and what I will experience.
May things comes unexpectedly I love it that way.

Only a few friends wowed me and said to me ” you know this going to happen for you right and when it do call me I want to be there and hear your reaction. Things may seem impossible  now but you’ve already been experiencing the impossible already. In time you’ll see” 

I’ve shared things  with 5 friends 2 laugh and 3 sort of said those worlds no I even asked strangers and they said that and more.

I’m already making impossible connections. May I continue to make more and may the ones I already have get stronger amen.

For me to protect my future,life path and this positive energy flow; I must keep my moves, visions,experiences, my connection, the people I have conversations with to myself and God.

Living low key.


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