They tried …. They tried and they continue to try to ruin me….they try to kill my ambition , my rise and my potential.

But don’t they know they can not because I got to know more about me.

They wish failure.

But proceed to succeed.

Because not only did I got to know myself to know where I’m going to be and who I am.

I know a God a God who never turned his back on me. He keeps me going and constantly reminding me of who I am and who I’m going to be.

So their words and energy means nothing to me because they can’t stop me.

When they have no power to control they become weak.

They’re not God so they do not determine my destiny.

I get visions and signs daily.

This is just the beginning 

Keep doubting me and wishing failure.

Let the enemy keep consuming you

Because I will get to a higher place I will proceed.

No I’m not better than no one. We’re actually all the same we all have a choice on how our lives turn out.

I decided to live mine with God.

Oh please watch me proceed to a higer place

And no you can not take my energy.

Love,positive,humble,genuine,peaceful vibes and energy only.


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