Man where should I start.

Friendships it’s really rare now a days 

Friendships is legit like a relationship well it is.

I’ve been through so many fake friendships that it has caused me to have trust issues 

Luckily I’ve evolved and I’m growing to trust slightly. Not letting everyone in completely but slightly.

I observe so heavy now in who I trust because you never know. You can’t even trust first impressions because people do pretend.

You’ll only know a person on how long you be around someone.

Me personally I’ve met amazing people from the net and something things turned out wrong and others great either way I love it.

I love what happened for the good or better.

Now I don’t throw the friend word around lightly so I don’t have friends I don’t have a best friend that I see and call daily I don’t. One day those people will come that I will call my team.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve connected with so many amazing people that I’m still connected with now but they’re not my friends they’re my homies my family. 

I’ve grown so close with these people that they’re like a sister or brother to me. Some I talk to daily others occasionally some not at all and I have love for them all.

Every day I’m connecting to new people you never know.

People say to me all the time ” dang you got a lot of friends ” and I correct them and tell them no I don’t I just have people that I’ve met who became family.

Sometimes I admit I’m not the best I’m not perfect but I’m worth it. They’re worth it. We all have lives we’re living and I appreciate them.

With some I see lacking and distance and it’s happening naturally.

What ever happens I’ve learned a lot from them all.

And I’m differently miss the Toronto fam. I love them lol they’re chill.

I travel a lot to connect with the fam I make it worth it.

So using the word friendship is rare to me I rather say family.

But to my friends or Bf out there I love you too; I can’t wait to meet you one day.

And to my Twitter fam lol I’m a see you one day. Twitter can be deceiving so can texting even face time. I rather meet you to have a conversation face to face.

Shout out to my fam that gave me the best advice. Shout out to strangers who open my eyes I love yall.

I just hope after reading this y’all understand me.


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