Far from the beginning 

Soon to end soon to end all the pressure is soon to end
Hold the temper 

Pass the wind 
All that hurting is soon to end 

Don’t give up 

Look a little harder
Try a little more 
Soon to end soon to end 
Cause at the end it shall begin 
All the good things will come in 

The love the peace the happiness 

The family the faith the loyalty 

Will soon to come in 

It seem like we know the picture but it’s a bigger picture then what we see

And when we see the full picture it will be worth it 

Don’t give up keep pushing 

Just remember who is taking you there 

Stick to the ones who is being so tough 

For they need you and you need them 

Cause the same ones will be with you at the end 

To start the new beginning with you and others 

For father for he making you stronger to withstand fhis grip of pain that keeps continuing to break through 

The gaps the silence the ignoring is all worth it 

To see if you can finish this fight to last so you can make it to the end 

Remember the dreams and the visions 

Fore his message is strong 

Soon to end when it all shall begin


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