The wait 

Sometimes I want to rush everything.

When I try to rush things I start forgetting.

I forget that I takes time. A lot of time.

It takes time to heal.

It takes time to grow.

It takes time so I must be still.

I want want and I want

But it takes time

So I must grind and work.

I must have patience 

The wait is real but it’s worth it.

I gotta keep going I gotta keep going 

and breathing 

Everything takes time 

I gotta lose my pride

I gotta lose my mind

Just to find my peace of mind

I must go through the wait

And lose everything to gain everything at the end because 

Through my waiting I grow , learning and I earn patience .

There’s no end and there’s no beginning 

Because he’s the end and the beginning 

I do this for me I do this for us.

I do this for my soul family 

I do this for my well being 

I do this for my soul and mind

Through the wait 

Things will get rough 

Things will get tough 

Things can be fixed 

But what’s not growing is dead 

The struggle will happen

We live for the love and die by the love 

The peace will happen

The love will happen 

My energy will grow

Stronger and I will be invincible 

If only I learn to wait because what God got for me after waiting is so much better









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