Who else 

Who else can save me from me a question that used to play over in my head daily.

I always used to look for the easy way out or a hand out.

I’ve always been grateful if you helped me out.

But at 18 going into my 19 I’ve realized a lot and grown a lot mentally.

Now I’m 20 and my mind still booming further.

Because at this point in my life I’ve realized that who else can save me ? Is me only I can save me.

I don’t want no help unless it’s genuine and the help I want is for you to help push me to be my better self.

I refuse a hand out and I know it’s going to get harder. I accept that because nothing great and that last long comes easy.

I’m starting to get out of my comfort zone and that’s a good thing because the comfort zone is not safe.

If I start to get comfortable I know I must make a change.

Who else is going to break these chains around my ankles?

Who else is going to have my back and  carry me?

Who else is going to get me out of here to a better higher place?

Who else is going to break the cycle?

Who else is going to do it for me ?

Who else is going to live for me ? 

No one else can do this but me.

I must be a little selfish and think more about me to save me so that I can save the others.

In a good way I must put myself first so that I don’t come in last.

I must care about my well being and where I will be.

I must protect my life and energy.

I must learn more about obedience and patience.

I must react only to positive actions and think positive.

I must pray more and worry less.

I must see God’s views instead of my own.

I must meditate and keep my peace

 I must give off good energy and receive the same.

I must believe in me.

I must trust God and his vision.

I must see the truth.

I must love and love.

I must be that change I want to see in the world.

I must make my future a present blessings.

I must do this for me so that I can do it for we.

Who else ? 

When everything starts with me.


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