2:45am (old ) 

Feel so life less 

Like the pain is taking your life away

So brutal of nature

The body numb 

Your soul weak

People speak 

But no-one helps

You scream for help 

They look 

They speak 

You can’t hear them

No actions taken 

No help

You blame yourself 

For the actions taken by others 

This sticky situation

Is draining

Cut open a womb 

Blood poor 

Pale face

Means your draining 


Stress come


In a bad place 

Don’t move

You wonder up hurt 

So you keep blaming yourself 

The pain seem realer than your happiness

But doesn’t over take your joy

Faith over come

But trying to catch up with faith

Is like trying to catch up with yourself

Your left behind running to glory

All this is the drain of the body

But no one can’t help you only yourself

Cause see people don’t care for no one

But themselves 

 the society is messed

Up do I belong here?

Playing back and fourth the past like

That’s suppose to help

Reangering yourself

Let it go

Nothing is promised

The greatest once said

You don’t have to prove shit to none but yourself ”
He’s right

So watch me set it off

Go off
And Drain away

Until the help becomes me

And I have the strength 

To regain myself 

Life is nothing but a drain of factors

Your only draining yourself

Also remember someone do want to help and I love you 

Don’t give up and fight for your better self.


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