A lot of people become too involved with other people lives; either they know them or they don’t doesn’t matter. the power of social media but there are so great advantages, also there are some flaws. the flaw the flaws of having people spending 99.9% of their life involved in lives that deserve their privacy most of the lives these people endorse in is celebrities forgetting these people are human also. it becomes sicking actually you would have a 37 year old lusting over a relationship of a 28 or 29 year old that may and may not be in a relationship with the person they lust to be.. its sicking because it’s like they forget about their own lives… do you think thats normal ? no it is not…. Social media has evolved you have these people photoshopping the innocent making them look like they were together, they pray that it is; they hope their making babies at this hour how beyond sick can you go ? but do you know these people ( celebs)? no not even close… These sick people are consider fans or stans these people forget the life of these other people ( celebrites ), not all fans are like this i must add; these fans forget we are one and the same we all breath and have the same vains. They take it extra far by sitting outside the celeb homes, hospitals if they could the bathroom…. things are become strong many fans don’t realize it; These people stalk these celebs as if it was a game. a lot of people don’t read between the lines nor look behind the scene, a number one reason is because they wasn’t invited to see things to know things; people forget that you can’t force to people to be together there is a thing called soulmate and whom ever that person soulmate is … isn’t up to you, you’re not the source of things. they love to put people together based off of their statues or how good they look together but fail to realize that is not how things work; They don;t know how it is behind the scene if these people get along or not. if it doesn’t work for you ( which it won’t) then it most def won’t work for them. It’s all about chemistry and who their real soul mate is so yes you or a celeb might date the same person over and over again but that doesn’t mean their soul mates because if a soul mate is your true soul mate things will work out from the start; just like you this human the celeb have to learn lessons and thing to be prepared for their right soul mate also you never know what a person is going through to make them choose certain ¬†decisions again its not up to you to know or figure it out let it go it’s not your life you’re too involved in things. people forget that many Exs can be friends without dating, they can support each other without people thinking their together again; but people assume the dating thing anyway. People love to assume and look at pictures to create their facts like half of these blogs all they do consist of is drama or false words being spread and you believe them because you think it’s true; blogs use the word from a close source but most likely their is no source and they’re taking a lucky guess, THEY DON’T EVEN TALK ABOUT THE CREATIVITY OF THESE CELEBRITIES ANYMORE it can be aggravating so i never read the blogs i pay attention to the real source( the celebrity ) mostly like for me i listen to their music not to be nosey but to relate at the end of the day the source will correct a lie in a song if needed; i love interviews to hear the truth and what really matters. i always encourage people to never feed into the hype because the hype is never real but lies but these blogs gotta eat. If you don’t know them get to know them if you’re genuinely trying to be a good friend and not a pretender, user and lier to spread more lies. the key is to keep your life private and never expose another not for nothing i don’t care if you’re trying to prove to someone that you really hang with this celeb exposing the interaction can cause problems that isn’t need remember blogs look for this. these people will sell their expires to get a quick buck; besides the celebrity lets talk about their family and friends on how these fans attack them and try to be nosey try to be all in their lives so they get block because they don’t know these people you’ll have these fans making up lies in these people inbox or dm.. even tweeting the reckless thing that isn’t true trying to ruin a family or friendship because they feel another is worthy but you’re wrong stop you’re now deep involved. drama cut it because you gotta cut it. i find celebrities paying attention to these fans and what they feel how things should go or how they feel about the celebrity but call themselves fans (they bash and drag and trash the celeb) but they call themselves fans? wow man they forgot these celebs are human with emotions; they might not respond but they see they see lot more than you can comprehend. they might not respond but they will be less involved with interacting with their fans and choose certain ones to interact with also they make a big mistake because a lot of fans have bad intentions that they interact with. some fans are like me we support and just support we don’t get involved; a lot of fans find themselves defending the celeb but end up stopping because these people these fans can’t comprehend anything thats real and live off of their fantasy. a lot of real relationships have been ruined by fan bases attack the celebs relationship because ethic felt that celeb should have been with their favorite artist it biomes a sicking game. a lot of fans that support just like i actually met their favorite celeb and are very close or became close with them; or the celeb recognize them by their face and name. a lot of fans become stuck in the fan zone a lot of fans become great friends of celebrities i mean it all depends. Think about your own life when people lie on your name and be too involved in your life you don’t like it now compare it to a celebrity they get it 100 times worse be mindful.

All i can say now is that i am mindful, humble, positive, peaceful,caring, loving and my intentions remain genuine; i never due anything for the exposure, i want nothing but great vibes, amazing connections and just to live. I don’t be involved.

Ya’ll be too involved in other people lives…. Stop!


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