The way of love

I love you for who you are not thought of you or who i want you to be or what people say you are. I love you for you, teach me the way you would like to be loved. i love your flaws and your truth. i love what i know and don’t know about you. i love what you’re scared to share and what you already have shared with me. i love what you have shown me or will show me in the future. i love your image and your personality. i love your rights and your wrongs, your dark and your light, your past and your present, your positive and your negative. I love the thought of future interaction we will have. i love it all i love everything about you. lets grow

lets spread love

may the feelings be mutual

may the thoughts be genuine

may your intentions be pure

may our connection be positive

this isn’t me vs you

this is me and you

i accept you and continue to learn to accept you more daily.

accept me and my truth

all i want to give is love

all i want is peace and great vibes

this is a letter to my future husband.

this is a letter to myself

this is a letter to the ones I’ve met and connected with

this is for the ones i have yet to connect with

love to the ones that left my life thanks for the teachings and experiences

this is for the new great experiences i will experience soon

this is for strength

this is for hope

this is for me

this is for you

this is for the ones in my life still.

this is for the ones entering my life now

this is for the ones soon to come

this is for the ones that read and see me but stay silent rather it be through a tweet, dm or message i just hope you hear me… i’m not crazy  i’m great you know, i know i’m random with the interaction but it’s love believe me. this is for you because i know you see me even though you living low key i know you hear me



keeping my peace


i love you.

a rare love

a random love

a good love

a mysterious love

a low key love

the love of loves

The Way Of Love….. My Love.


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