Stronger Stay Stronger 

Each day is a struggle

A day I’ve feel like I’ve lived already 

But get ready even though the fear and doubt

You won this fight before 

Breath and get ready for the win.

If it’s the same struggle that’s a sign for you to change, switch up the flow, switch up your position 

I’ve lived through the same struggles scared and fearing to change becoming comfortable with what is 

Then I realized the comfort zone is nothing but a trap to keep me stuck 

I’m taking the first step out to the uncomfort zone where I lose fear and doubt and gain courage and faith.

I was weak with river tears now I stand

I stand with laughter of faith 

Smiles of hope

I stand with strength 

For the struggle was more than struggles they’re messages and signs

To keep me moving so I started to appreciate ever struggle I went through and face today don’t matter the situation 

Because my struggles prepare me for a better life a life God has created for me a picture bigger than my vision

I may slip and put up a fight daily and lose friends, or lack some places in my life or gain but that’s the struggle the lessons the beauty of know what God has coming right after those little encounters

That he’s sending blessing with the lessons

My struggles are lessons and experiences preparing me for the life Hod had planned for me

Preparing me for the battles ahead

I refuse to lose this battle I’m battling
I fight daily
A self reflection 

I won’t lose when I have God

I must distance myself from humanity to protect my energy and soul 

I must protect my mind mentally 

For me to win this battle I must focus on myself  and put myself first a little more 

I must love myself more and more 
I must discover more about myself
I must have a good connection with myself to make better connections 

Mental thing fight with self can be very dangerous 

Knowing more about myself takes patience 
Anyone that’s close with me or cool with me please be patient with me
My I love those if I ever loved you I do
Groups chats was never meant for me really mess with me mentally so I’m not doing no more but everyone I met through there pretty cool folks
What I’m choosing is to win this battle
What I’m choosing is me

Self reflections has been helping me 
I’m choosing to live a more low and private life
Less social media well help me I always feel better without it
If you care for me you’ll check on me time from time
Let’s see who’s really there for me 

Sometimes I have my ups and I definitely have my downs
I keep my faith strong round and round

The only one that might get me is so far and distant and no where around bc we never connect yet it’s hard to bring the reflect
I’ll stay positive through the negatives and yes I deal with negatives
Less talk no more talk I need my peace of peace 
Let’s see where else 2016 take me I feel a lot of blessing coming and new doors opening and new experiences approaching 
Just know each day 

I grow 

I have strength 
I am getting stronger 

I hope some can relate 

Strong and getting stronger 


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