A lot been on my mind lately and here’s some things I want to get off my chest.
New beginnings I’m praying for ….rapid growth I’m steady moving…. Thanks to anyone that have patience with me and knowing the new me I’m not the old me you once knew I’ve changed ( grew) Alot has been put to my name I’ve been slandered I’ve been bashed ….lied on misunderstood these are some of what I experienced.

I am wholehearted with pure intentions….I made some mistakes I’m not perfect my past, situations , their views on me, lies, pressure don’t define me but it’s worth it. Don’t listen to anything you hear about me I’m more than what anyone has to say besides 100% of the time they’re lien so please ask me I’ll tell you the truth or honestly I rather you get to know me then base me off what you see of me.
My journey is still long I’m young and strong I’m not where I want to be but I’m getting there. A lot of people deals with me I swear I’m a humble soul…so anyone out there never be afraid to hold a real conversation with me… Some times conversations can dry bc I be afraid to speak or don’t know how to start a conversation sometimes so I definitely seem annoying but I promise I’m not so still try lol. 
I maybe awkward at times and random but lol I’m me it’s apart of me…. I can finally say I’m awesome by just being me I don’t have to force things now I let things flow I don’t have to hide parts of myself anymore ….
I support from my pagenow so if I support you I forever support you just on my page I no longer run fan pages ……. Also my only pages on Instagram is nashacarter and naenashe and on Twitter it’s naenashe and nashacarter.
I feel in my soul God has allowed these things to happen for a reason I’m more aware and think real hard before I do things and I feel in my soul a breakthrough for me is around the corner God has a plan I’m going with his plan.

thank you to my friends that stayed thank you to my new friends and thank you for gaving me love thank you to the strangers that supports me and encourage me I love you all your kind words and genuine love don’t go unnoticed. 
this just the start 2015 showed me colors 2016 shown me great things so far who’s really down for me, who care, my paths, opportunities, lessons, strength, how to love others and love myself, discovering things about myself I never knew, showing people how to love me back, being comfortable in my own skin and loving my space but the year isn’t over I feel major things going to happen soon and I love you all thanks for rocking with me this long through it all. -@naenashe 💛


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