Belm X Blem

My confidence became more savage this year… in no way or shape or form am i average … doesn’t comply with who i am. i walk like i own it… i don’t care who in the building its me i matter… i’m having fun with it you can see it in my eye i’m more content then ever i know my worth.. i am worthy. golden child with a golden crown. elegant living i’m in my zone and happy within i’m on my own. killed the pride to birth my soul. accept the flaws they don’t get to me. i’m humble than ever.. pure soul with good intentions.  Simple thrill with standards my price went up my worth went up. i prefer the time give me the time give me time you’ll see my glow you’ll get excited. i do what i gotta do i answer to me and the man up stairs only any opinions of me is irrelevant to me. I don’t prove shit to no one except myself. i’m at peace with myself in a peaceful state of mind right now. I attract whats like minded like me bring it. pure Scorpio intentions i promise it’s more sweeet than bitter – Belm to Blem


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