Connected on so many levels whats for me and who is for me will always will be for me don’t matter how it may seems. Connected for a while now it’s all up to your side now.Soul to Soul ya feel it i know soon come it’ll show. We learn the lessons and we grow. i’m very calculated than i ever been before, i found the map so i’m mapping it out. I have to chill my brain and flow because when it’s force it wont be the same, if rushed it’ll fail never gain so i’m relaxing because i need that long term ting. I’m very focused on myself… i’m very connected with this and with that; visions never lied… dreams never mislead… God never misguide… i leave it in his hands as i focus on work. I’m not selfish I’m just more selfish/selfless more than ever with myself. no more distractions… strength no weakness. Flow we going to flow and run into each other again like the river finding the ocean no rush. no hate no hate no lust…. I deserve all the hugs and all the love i deserve all the love to give love. Ignoring a lot of things to stay focus. I want my career more than ever i’m focusing on my life until you join my life. Until then i focus on me flowing and letting things happen in God’s time  not my own. I need all the love I deserve all the love I get all the love I am love To give all the love therefore i am whole.God made me whole.I deserve all the love all the love all the love all of the Loovvvv…….


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