New year same me but improved. New year but I’m still me 2016 has been a journey I’ll never forget; sitting in these last hours realizing I needed 2016 to make me into the person I’m meant to be right now to bring me into the woman I’m becoming. 

2016 was my battle year I never had to fight for the light, my soul and faith so many times in my 21 years of living…. this year has been my darkest but I was strong it made me stronger.

I’m ready for 2017, this journey coming my way feel more with life, life, peace, love, new beginnings and happiness. It’s not someone I’m guessing this is something I know something I can feel something I foreseen…. envisioned.

So I’m claiming it now even though things will be a task and challenging I will overcome by praying, becoming still and strong faith. God never misleads his people and I’m one of his children.

2017 will be filled with so many blessings for me from the lord. This year will consist of new levels, new people, new friends, same friends, new locations, new connections, stronger faith, bigger praise to the most high,dedication, redirection, big decisions, my own brand, starting to bank off of myself, starting, major people, traveling, city to city, befriending and becoming close with great people.

This isn’t just for me this is for us many major blessings is coming for us we must listen and pay attention to the lord and walk the right path hand and hand. 

Are you ready ?

 I am.


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