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Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez are twin sisters who excel at the game of basketball; Currently, they’re attending school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Dylan and Dakota managed to build a huge following platform on social media such as Instagram and Twitter.

On Instagram Dakota Has 1 million followers and Dylan has 951k followers; these sisters caught eyes from many people like myself, they  even caught  huge stars eyes like rapper Drake ( A Friend)  who attend some of their games.

These girls are pretty and smart but that’s not the reason why they got their huge following; these sisters are very talented besides their beauty these sisters are monsters with the ball on the court , they play for UNLV Lady Rebels and with their team they lead with a lot of wins, these are some of the reason for their huge following.

Last but not least while balancing school, Instagram and basketball which require’s the sisters to travel place to place and still make it to class the next morning, these twins don’t stop there.

Dakota and Dylan are multi-talented twins they’re also working on a music career, their sound is so different and rare i love their music some of my faves are the one dance remix Dyl and Kota – One Dance remix , Fly Away Dyl and Kota -Fly Away , Nobody Knows IIGonz – Nobody Knows and last but not least invitation IIGonz – Invitation the twins music fits in so well with the mainstream artist.

I would say I’m a huge fan these girls are my favorite up and coming artists, I love their sound it’s so different and truly R&B. They’re super sweet I’ve never meet them but they’re really cool on their live and interactions with their fans.

If you haven’t heard them or watched their game it’s not too late check them out. I’ll be linking their sound cloud and one of their games below  :

Dylan and Kota sound Cloud




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