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Hey everyone as you know I’m a  huge fan of Drake; I’ve been a fan since I was 11 years old I’ve been on this ride for a while now.

As you know I go to a lot of Drake’s concerts since as long as I can remember this man is amazing, I’ve attended his last Concert Summer Sixteen Tour last year in 2016 at the Madison square garden venue in NYC




During last year I was suppose to go to his last few shows which was NYC again and Newark but sadly Drizzy canceled the last shows which was understandable due to his sprung ankle.

Soon after Drizzy announced he will be touring U.K. In January 2017 under a new tour name which is called Boy Meets World Tour. I was super hype

for this announcement even though I know I couldn’t just hop up and fly overseas; but I wished I could.

I was still excited to see the new merch , the set, who will be apart of the tour  and what songs he would perform.

After some minor changes on January 28 2017 Drizzy started his tour off in Amsterdam with a bang, new merch with shirts and hoodies that says Boy Meets World Tour , BMWT, More Life and some merch from last tour Revenge. Drake added DVSN to his tour, I than decided to stay followed up with videos and live streams from the tour literally felt like I was there.

Drake whole set changed he merged his old set from last tour into his new set, he added a second stage that’s placed in the middle of crowd, he kept the ball of lights, more fire works, dancers. The new thing was a big Globe Moon ball, While previewing  a new song from his up and coming project more Life this big thing blows up into a globe ball thing on the second stage and Drake walks from the main stage to the second stage like a general, once he reach the stage the music drop and changes into pop style.


He got the globe idea from Director X from his presentation in Toronto 

Moving along Drake has kept the same track list for the tour so far so it’s like summer sixteen tour 2.0. But better.












That ended the first show, today Drake started his second show in London 1/8 January 30th 2017, adding young thug to his tour, bringing out artists Kayla,  Giggs, and Section Boyz. 





Overall I’m loving the show so far and I know it’ll only get greater and amazing I wish I could experience this show live; because this article is super long I’ll be making a separate article about the predictions for this tour, Music etc and I’ll be linking it below Boy Meets World Tour Predictions   . I also want to link the full videos from this current tour from Thabosscode below: Drake Boy Meets World Tour Full Videos


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