Hey if you’re here you came from my recent article that talked about my thoughts and insights on the tour if you never read it check it out here My First Insight and thoughts on Boy Meets World Tour 

You’re also wondering what is the predictions for Drake’s recent on going Tour ?  well I’m going to tell you what I think Drake’s next move will be.

First Drake was suppose to Tour alone before the first show Drake kept pushing his tour back, I think the reason for that was because he was making changes to his tour.

We all know that Drake announced this tour last year before he announced his new project More Life 🌺, everyone assumed he’ll be tour in U.K. Off of new music completely different from his last tour Summer sixteen Tour.

The project never dropped before it’s fore told deadline which supposed to been in December 2016 and January 2017 ( Drake has announced a new deadline before his next show in Amsterdam which is in February around the 26)

When this project didn’t drop I asked myself how would he tour on new music ? How would it be different from his last tour which is still very current; so I suspected that he had something up his sleeves and that’s when he started to push his tour back, I figured he was plotting and planning.

The tour which was suppose to start on January 26 started on January 28th and before his first show he added DVSN which gave me a Summer Sixteen Tour vibe.

I had a hunch that he’ll be doing Summer Sixteen Tour but differently and that’s when the show started; first let’s talk about the merch …. the merch was blended with last tour merch (revenge) and new merch (more Life ) that should be a hint right off the back …. maybe Drake will blend both tours together.

The show started the set was mixed in with last tour ( main stage, ball of lights, fire works) and new tour ( second stage, preview of a new song from More Life , a huge big Globe/ Moon/ Sun) drake performs both songs from last tour and songs that he already dropped for More Life. So is this tour a merge ? Is it just one tour ? We’ll talk about that later.

Next let’s move on to the predictions of the show, Drake added young thug and Drake is known for showing love to U.K. On OVOSound Radio so why not bring them out ? He did Drake already brought out a lot of U.K. Artists such as Kyla, Section Boys, Giggs.

My prediction is maybe Drake will only be bring out U.K. Artists for U.K., I also think Drake will be bringing out a whole more U.K. Artists throughout his tour in the U.K. …. I think he’s going to bring out Stefflondon a female U.K. Rapper, Skepta and many more.

Back to the tour…. will there just be one merge tour or a second tour ? Thinking about it it’s highly possible for both.

Drake can be stalling so that he can get More Life out and switch out Summer Sixteen Tour or he can be merging both so that U.K. Can get both tours in one; If Drake is giving both tours to U.K. In one isn’t that killing two birds with one stone ?

I think Drake is merging both tours I think he’ll be  performing views and the singles he dropped until more Life drops than he’ll be performing his album views and new project More Life throughout the whole U.K. I feel like he’s doing this so that he don’t have to go back to U.K. On his next tour.

I think Drake is plotting on a second tour after the U.K. Tour, I believe he will either expand Boy Meets World Tour or do a whole separate tour for More Life and I also feel this second tour will incorporate all the big and small cities that he left out.

I feel like there will be a second tour because 1: Drake was late dropping his project Maybe it wasn’t on purpose maybe he felt it wouldn’t be right to perform a new project overseas only and not the states too. 2: each project, album he’s done he had Tour for it. 3: he can’t half tour his album ( he’s dropping the project late if the tour) 4: one last tour around the states equal money and he can take that break to focus on himself , acting or what ever goals he has to conquer. 5 : He still owe the states for cancelling  the last week or so of shows and promised to make it up.

I don’t think Boy Meets World Tour was name that because it sounded cool. It’s a reason behind it all. These are all my predictions I think that might happen ? What do you think ? Comment your thoughts or send it by clicking my contact. Thank you all for reading.


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