What is a Achievement ? Achievement is basically being successful, finally reaching that goal. 

How do you achieve ? You achieve by reaching the goals you set for yourself a lot of people make the mistake on basing their achievement goals off of other people opinions and thoughts. 

I’ve achieved a lot, I’m healthy, smart, evolving and planing/ working towards my future. 

You can have big achievements or little achievements, one of my small achievements was becoming natural and having commitment to the gym; which both are very hard to stay on track on. 

One of my mid achievements was to travel outside of United States and I did.

But one of my biggest achievements so far was when I made the decision to stop worrying and carrying about what others thought of me and stop holding on to people that didn’t care for me; when I stopped doing that I started to focus on myself,  I started to find my self worth, I started loving me.

I’m working on many big and small achievements right now, I never talk about my goals until I achieve them first. So never talk about your goals to anyone. 

The most important thing is to be living for you, you must set these goals based off of your liking and if you don’t know what that is you must take some one on one time with yourself. 

Remember goals can be mental and physical so don’t stress only looking for physical goals to accomplish. 

Don’t let nobody talk you into living out their life and goals through you; you’ll become unhappy so quick. You may not notice it but pay attention to the ” this what I would do ” or ” do this because I would do this ” type of people, they’re unwillingly planting their dreams into you for you to live them out. 

Appriecate and write down every achievement you successfully achieve, keep count and note your blessings. 

Make a list of goals and execute them one by one. 

Be happy and filled with joy. 

The point of this article today is to achieve, no matter what that achievement may be just achieve them big or small and when you’re achieving them for you and not someone else that’s when it feels so much more special.

Never let anyone define your achievements….. You define your achievements because you’re already a achievement for existing. 


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