Hey everyone; if you’re reading this you want to know how to bleach your wig so that the wig gives off a more look more natural. If you know me you know I’m natural and on a natural journey for better healthy hair. one way to protect my hair is to wear protective styles; one of my favorites  are wigs because i don’t have to touch my hair at all (not touching my hair equal longer hair, thicker hair and a lot of growth).

With wigs you can do a lot like dying the hair, cutting the hair, straightening the hair without worrying about damaging your real hair; I would still wear caps and i don’t use clips and combs to keep the wig in place because it can pull out my edges and baby hairs ( I would recommend Got2b glued for a strong hold to keep wigs down.)

Now i wanted to do something different with a wig this time so i bought some virgin hair and 3D frontal for the first time i usually buy lace synthetic wigs, i made the wig but didn’t like unnatural the wig looked so i looked up what to do and came across bleaching. the steps i seen was a lot but not difficult ( I’ll be making an article on how to bleach a wig and tagging it here).

the bleaching progress was intriguing, for a first timer i bleached my knots on my lace well. Note: you want to bleach your knots on your wig not the whole wig.

overall it was a good experience and I’ll be bleaching my wigs from now on, check out the pictures below. 17267548_1887503114857076_5062098877981655040_n_00217438665_1953869541501441_7590115838133272576_n17333853_314776332270687_8584197632384040960_n


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