I am whole. I come from a broken background but I stand firm. I stumble, I fall. I may even scrape a knee but I am whole.

I cry    I yell and i fall silent but deep inside i am alive.

Some days I feel drained and immobile, it takes everything in me to move, to breath and to see. Sometimes I refuse to eat and drink; my surroundings is tiring and the air is cold. Deep inside I’m still alive inside. My heart is beating, my soul is warm…. my soul is still alive while my flesh remain frozen. These are my dark times but I am still that pure light in the night. When others can’t see I shine so bright and bring them to the owner of the light in me so that they can shine just as bright.

They beat, taunt and scream ugly words at me but I still stand tall with my neck stretched all the way to the sky like a giraffe. Even though I feel no love nor recognize love I still give love. I’m no longer battling with myself I’m battling with whats around me. Even though I don’t feel love I still receive love from a friends that actually care about my well-being and soon enough I will recognize love.I can’t wait to be loved.

Even on the darkest night there is light.

Through my dark times i shine bright.

Even through my darkest hours I’ll always be alright so I pour out the pain with tears so that the pain doesn’t consume me. I don’t sit too long in the dark I get right back up and stand firm in my destiny walking this journey with God, the bad never last long and these hours is almost over soon enough I’ll be running through the the door of my breakthrough that God left for me; this isn’t a sad victim thoughts this is thoughts of a strong black woman owning my truth.

My truth is I’m young and growing, I’m a lover, helper, friend, genuine, have great intentions, kind and a child of God and because of the paths he’s chosen for me and birthed me into I only grow strong in understanding who I am and knowing that light because at night he keeps that light burning. at night I walk through with a pure light.

while things maybe tough right now

I’ll be alright.

Through it all

I remain strong

Through it all i keep

My faith going,

I love the Lord



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