Who is Jorja Smith ? Everyone wants to know the new singer on Drake’s recent released project “More Life”, Jorja is feathered on songs “Get it together”, “passion fruit” and the track ” Jorja Interlude”; If Smith’s voice sounds familiar, it’s because More Life isn’t the first “playlist” to feature her music. “Where Did I Go?” was one of the many great songs featured on the soundtrack of HBO’s series Insecure.

Jorja Smith is a young British singer with an exotic sound to me, her voice is strong and jazzy which combines, soul, R&B and pop into one. Jorja has been performing since 8 years old and writing music since 11 years old; Jorja is new to some of us in the states but is very known in the U.K.. Smith also have her own music out on her own projects “Project 11”, “Blue lights”, Where Did I Go ?”, “Beautiful little fools” and more Jorja Smith”s Music .

My Favorite tracks by Jorja is “Blue lights”, “Something in the way”, “Where did i go ?” and ” Beautiful little fools”, overall this young woman has talent and to only be 19 and making big moves is amazing keep going Jorja ! check out “Beautiful little fools video below:


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