A home is not a home when you feel so alone; when you’re not in your zone when you feel like something is miss when you feel like you don’t belong …..this home is not my home so I’m leaving got to retrieve it gotta find my own. I travel to these cities to get into my zone to feel free from the bars trying to keep me. Visited the dot and I wish the city would’ve kept me i felt accepted. Now it’s time to go I had my great times but also my downfalls and if I stay i’ll just downfall. Now i’m on the run from the place that suppose to keep my heart alive but i’m telling I feel like i’m dying inside. One day I’m a come back  live downtown….. revive it and give it a purpose but now I must slide.

A home is not a home and blood ain’t always blood and friends isn’t always from your home town never keep me home bond. I’m trying to make it I’m not trying to stay stagnated I refuse to settle its in my blood to fight. It’s always been in me to grow bigger nobody can’t hold me. I know I deserve more I just never said it two middle fingers as I make an exit…. did I lose you ? did I did I did I lose you ? it always been in me to leave I don’t even get home sick and miss nobody. my mind full of it all and another city calling my energy. my mind gets full when I’m overwhelmed with emotions. It’s time for me to leave even if I lose you I gotta go even if I lose you……. how they go from not wanting me at all to wanting to see me lose it all…….

A home is not a home not even my own

My home will be whats next for me and where I’m happy at with family and friends i created alone the way.

I lost you But I found me.


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