Compromising is  something a lot of people do without sometimes knowing, People compromise in relationships with spouse, family, friends and Jobs. The question still stands “should I compromise or not”. What is compromising you’re thinking ? well compromising is settling for something you don’t agree with which doesn’t bring you happiness but discomfort, pain and a lot of sadness; you’re literally settling a dispute with mutual concession by accepting the less desirable solution. A lot of woman find themselves compromising to make others happy without consulting themselves first.

I’m going to answer the question should I compromise or not and my answer is no; I wont compromise because I’ll be given up my happiness and peace for someone or people who don’t even care about my well-being to want me to compromise in the first place. Coming together on some things isn’t bad like a location or activity but  only if it’s mutual on both sides… example : me and a guy decides we go on a date to the zoo and than eat at a buffet after because he likes sea food and I like chicken, stuff like that coming together on a better solution that meets both our needs and nobody isn’t sad and miserable.

You don’t want to compromise for the sake of your own happiness and to push yourself to the level or door God is trying to get you to, if you settle for a job you hate just to get by you’ll never get the career you dreamed of, if you let your family tell you whats best for you and go by their bests and not yours you’ll always be stuck, if you let your friends run over you all the time and use you than you’ll never meet the real friends who suppose to be in your life, if you settle to be cheated on and disrespected by your spouse you’ll never met your true life partner/ soul mate that actually love and care for your well-being. you see the pattern here that can lead to your unhappiness.

First you must recognize the compromising that’s going on and than you remove yourself from the situation. I used to compromise without knowing, settling for unloyal friendships, family members that want to tell me how to live, jobs that made me unhappy. I made a change i executed every toxic friendship and relationships around me, I made my circle smaller, I started to trust my gut and focus on my life and it doesn’t matter if people become unhappy, I don’t settle for jobs. I’m still making changes even today.

The key is to never give up yourself for nobody’s desire and don’t compromise fight for your happiness and keep going until you start seeing people mirror your happiness.


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