Hi everyone I’m here to talk about yes “Get Out ” the movie and yes I’m super late on watching the movie but because the movie was so out of this world I have to talk about it.

First when I started watching the movie i did not know what expect; i had questions like why is the guy crying on the cover ? what is he trying to get out from ? why is he running ? and whats the point of the movie? it’s the only reason why i didn’t watch sooner but my friend insisted i watch so clearly i had to watch the movie first to answer whats the point of the movie.

So when I started watching the movie i already figured something was wrong when a black man is walking through the suburban area at night with nobody, on a phone while a car turns around when the person saw him, not only that the street only had about 2 street lights it’s dark…

Than we meet characters Chris and his girlfriend Rose, another warning came when she said ” she never dated a black guy before ” and ” I didn’t tell my parents you’re black” right there I would’ve called off the trip to see her parents and left her.

My favorite parts are with Chris’s friend Rod because he was super funny and was straight to the point also he paid attention to his natural instincts, he tried to warn Chris throughout the movie but Chris ignored him.

During watching this movie I saw the black people who was in the subs acting weird and then I thought this probably slavery but then I thought maybe they’re skinning black people. At the end we find out the white people was taking black people and putting themselves into their bodies mentally by hypnotizing them, the white people was trying to do the same with Chris and Rose was down with her crazy family.

This movie has a message though, the message I got was white people is so fascinated by black people; they want to become us, use us for their own personal needs. I saw little of everything from slavery hints, auctions, trying to look like us, trying to figure out how we do what we do and obsession.

The movie is interesting with a deep meaning behind it and you wont look at things the same way again. I recommend watching the movie, if you watched it leave me a comment with your thoughts and if you haven’t watched the movie go watch the movie and leave me a comment. let’s have a discussion about it.


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