Hey to everyone reading, today I’m writing a review on the movie “Only 4 one night”  on Netflix starring Karrueche Tran as one of the lead roles ” Chloe”. Right off the back the movie starts off sweet and loving with Chloe and her husband William ” Brian White” and their son, so I’m thinking this will be one of those lovey dovey movies.. I was wrong.

Chloe gets a call from her sister and next thing you know they’re attending her sister’s husband’s funeral. I thought that was iffy like how did her husband even die? remind you Chloe wasn’t really close with her sister anymore and she offered her sister to stay with them knowing her sister was a past get around woman.. so I gave her the benefit of the doubt until how i saw how her sister looked at her husband .

Next thing you know William has to work dinner party and their son have to go to a game in another city so both parents can’t go. Chloe cant stay and go to the dinner  so she insist her sister stays and attend his event, now if it was me and I’m getting iffy vibes about my sister I’m going to drag my sister along with me to the game; but she trust her husband and knowing me I would trust my husband too.

Chloe didn’t expect nothing but when she left everything went downhill; her sister drugged William like a freaky drug that had him doing things to Chloe’s sister that he should-be been doing to Chloe… they made serious love. so the next day he speaks to his wife so I’m thinking he don’t remember what happened but he did remeber he kept it from his wife and end up sleeping with her sister more than once sober.

Her sister Carol was blunt crazy and end up getting pregnant and that’s just somethings that went down; to find out what happened next you have to watch the movie but it is a good movie… I recommend it.



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