Hey everyone today I’m going to talk about the new Netflix series ” 13 reasons why ” based off the book ” Thirteen reasons why ” written by Jay Asher; now I never read the book but i did watch all 13 episodes of the first season. What the show is based on is a teen girl name Hanna who committed suicide.

Hanna leaves these tapes with the kids who lead up to her suicide; they all had to listen to all 13 tapes to figure out why they ended up on the tape in the first place.

The show has a strong message to bullies on how little things can affect someone’s life decisions and they should think about how they act and what they say before interacting with others.

This show is good and worth the watch, something are dragged out and a lot of things can upset you. I’ve watched the show and i suffer from depression and anxiety I was strong through the whole show … the show didn’t want to make me do self harm but   I wouldn’t recommend watching the show if you can’t handle sensitive content or weak when it comes to this topic.

The show is very vivid, if you’re going through or overcame depression and anxiety, if you almost committed suicide or actually did and survived don’t watch this show because it can be provoking to some people.

Anyone reading this that are bullies stop bullying it’s not cool and you can end a life.

Be nice, be kind and be loving.


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