Hey everyone, today I’ll be speaking on the Gonzalez twins ( Dylan and Dakota ) again but today I’ll be reviewing their recent projects ; If you don’t know who the Gonz twins are check out my article on them here  ( Gonzalez Twins the next big thing ?  ).

Recently the Gonz twins just dropped their EP called “GonzII Take One” on Sound cloud on Friday June 2nd 2017, I was really excited for this EP because

if you know me you know I support the twins because their so multi-talented with a vision and determined to succeed at life.

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Leading up to the release the twins have started live chats on their professional Instagram account  (GonzII Instagram ) interacting with their fans. Gonz page is private so to see what’s happening on their Gonz page you have to follow and join the team. I joined the team, I’m glad I joined because I get to see a little more into their life vs on their personal page which is weird right ? the girls are more open on Gonz; we laugh, we vibe, we hold conversations, we joke, we get serious and rarely  but we might even cry it’s like a little virtual family. If you’re wondering the girls do have names for their fans which is broken up into two groups, the Di11yGoats is Dylan’s team and she goes by The Goatess or Dr Dyl and the WotaGang is Dakota’s Team and she goes by Wotasama or just Wota. I’m actually on both teams so I’m just Team Gonz follow follow them.

Now onto the EP; I loved the EP I love everything about it like I said before their style is so different a mixture of Pop and R&B with a twist of island songs. If you’re looking to jam, party, dance, vibe, relax or even get deep This is the EP you should listen to. I started listening to the girls music because i connect with their lyrics on a personal deep level.

My favorite tracks from the EP is ” Fantasy ” this track I can relate to on a high level .. who doesn’t fantasize about that one guy and all the possibilities it’s a true high; how the beat and lyrics paint that vision in the song it’s like you wrote it and living it.

We also have ” Attention ” I love this one… it’s that party jamming song and stunting on all the men because you’re just that chick and i love they used Drake’s flow that he did in “6 man”, also  this songs show you how guys examples how guys are and what girls want.

Next we have ” Aquafina ” it’s just something about this song that catches you the beat and transitions with the lyrics are amazing. We have ” The talk ” if this song don’t get you into that ” doing a music video ” mode than you need better headphones but everything about this song is golden.

Last but not least we have ” The way you move” something about this song makes me want to cry from joy.. this song is definitely a love song of wonders like when you’re so into that person or crushing this the song you would listen to.

Overall it’s a great EP and the great thing it’s just part one of  the EP, a second version will be coming out and i can’t wait i hope majority of the songs they showed us on their live make it onto the second EP like ” Body to Body ” track lol I call the song that it’s not the official name but it’s everything and more. They also have songs that won’t be making the EP’s which is sad because we heard some of them and their so good.I love this EP and its fire but  I do feel like the first EP is just a light warm up into the second EP which will come more hard and explosive but both together will make them unforgettable. I’m glad i joined them team.. join us. check out the EP below:

Also they recently started Posting on YouTube (Dyl n Kota Gonzalez channel ) check out their video’s below :


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