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Hi Nova’s Lets talk about the new Drama TV show ” Claws”  on TNT that live premiered on TV and twitter a couple of hours ago which will air every Sunday at 9pm. I’ve been seeing promo for ” Claws” for a while now.

“Claws” is starring Karrueche, Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston,  Jenn Lyon, Judy Reyes and some more amazing actors, I’ve always been interested in seeing the show I just didn’t know what to expect except it has something to do with nails and strong friendships… some drama.

First let me say what I thought the show would be is totally opposite on what the show wasThe show came and served justice, the level of this show is outstanding. The show started off so innocent it seem like with friends who finally open their dream salon and then we see this guy come into the nail salon who we later learn his name is Roller, so I’m thinking he’s trying to bully them for their spot and make them sell and they have to fight them off haa that’s exactly not what happened.

This what really happened Virginia (Karrueche ) is the new girl who Desna saved from the strip club and she’s not apart of their crew yet. Desna ( Niecy Nash ) is the leader of the crew and she do drop offs, run money and drugs for Roller, she’s on a come up so she basically have to for her people. Right in the beginning of the show we get a sex scene from Desna and Roller,  things get spicy when Roller play Desna with her money and slept with Virginia.

Soon hands started to be thrown at the nail salon with the girls it got very Physical, People are being threaten, watched, seem like a drug lord war about to happen, death and so much more. Karrueche is new to the acting world next to some greats, she’s improving on her acting skills and I cant wait to see her in many more movies and shows.

A lot is happening in this show I don’t want to go into details I’ll just say watch the show and see for yourself (Claws Episode 1). Overall the show is really good. I can’t wait to see the next episode check out the promo below:



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