B. Simone known as the Aaliyah look-alike, mega insta star is up and coming new artist. B. Simone is more than a Ig girl, she’s a recording artist, she’s a singer, rapper, actress and a comedian. B.Simone has been grinding for so long and hard. All her hard work is paying off she’s becoming more busy and getting more big in her career.

I’m super proud of her  I follow her and support her, I watched her growth she went from living in Dallas to Atlanta from being a waitress to hairstylist and self branded in the same year. Now it didn’t happen over night for her she’s still working hard to get to the top but she’s at a place in her life where she needs to be in life.

B. Simone isn’t selfish she’s helped me and many others get through life by hopping on snapchat to tell us to stay consistent, positive and working, to not give up but push through and one of the major things that’s highly important in my life which I’m steady working on is something she said as I quote her words ” Change your mindset change your life speak everything into existence” these exact words changed my life and as I write this I spoke into existence she’ll see this article and appreciate it. Thanks to her I’m changing my life by changing my mind.

I’ve been supporting B. for a long time , shes humble, sweet and a hard worker. I remember tweeting nick cannon he should put B. Simone on Wild n Out and years later she’s finally joining the team she’ll be on  Wild N Out season 9 (VLOG : NYC WILD N OUT AUDITIONS ! ) (VLOG : WILD N OUT BATTLE VS TIMOTHY DELAGHETTO & BEHIND THE SCENES! I MADE SEASON 9 ! ) and I’m proud of her.

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B.Simone been seen doing skits with other IG comedians which is amazing. She’s been doing music with people like Kash Doll, Ferow. This is just the beginning for B.Simone there is so much more blessings coming towards her.

B. Simone is releasing an album called ” Stack Now Cry Later”;  I’m really excited to hear it, she has dropped two singles from her album called ” Blueberry Rain” (Blueberry Rain Single) and “In My Bag” (In My Bag- Single)check out her YouTube (B.Simone Channel) video’s, sound cloud, track-list to her new album and more below:

B. Simone website (Everythingbxoxo) go shopping or sign up for her email alerts to stay connected

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