Is it okay to press the restart button ? A question a lot of people ask;  I want to tell you to press that restart button. Restart now not later, if you don’t restart you’ll regret it.

I recently pressed the restart button, I swear I pressed it about 7 times already, it’s okay to restart and start over don’t be discouraged because to get where you need to be or want to be you must take that risk and go back to the drawing board.

What ever it may be it can be moving, relationships, career or simple goals it’s okay press that restart button and change your life. Never press the restart button on the same things and continue making the same mistake you must grow … improve with who you are and where you’re going in life.

I went from career choice to career choice, figuring myself out, knowing myself. I had to hit that restart button, I needed a do over, fresh start, clarity and change. I had to find myself, discovered more about myself, lost faith , gained faith, became broken, regain strength, lost a job, gained a job, opportunities, new open doors/ new levels, cried salty tear, laughed happy cries, moved from my hometown to Boston and moved back to my hometown.

I lost a lot recently, majority of my friends are gone for not being true friends, I have a few real friends left and I’m okay with that. I know more about myself  I’m learning to walk on my own also being okay with being alone. The right people will come along just like the right blessings and opportunities will come on God’s timing not mine. All the negatives and toxic energies that was in my life are gone.

Now I pressed the restart button, I get to be open to new people, things, opportunities and goals that’s pure. I’m excited for this new journey in this new chapter. I’m saying all of this to let anyone reading this know it’s okay …. it will be okay keep going,  I’m still going and it’s not a repeated cycle for me things is changing for me each time I restart I get closer to the break through.

Through all my pain and loses I continue to win because I don’t give up and keep my faith. Even if I’m restarting at the bottom; I know I’ll soon be at the top with the right people at the right place doing the right things.

Don’t be afraid to rebrand yourself and start over. start now.

Contact me if you need anymore advice on what steps to take to restart or what to do. Contact me for any advice or guidance I’ll gladly help. If it’s personal just go to the contact page, dm me on Instagram or inbox me on twitter… comment and I’ll get right back to you.

Thanks for reading Novas.


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