In this day and age people want to be in the spotlight that’s all they dream of and fight for, everyone want to go viral or the next big thing…… some people fall into depression because they’re not featured on the next big blog or the buzz around town.

Have you sat and ask yourself is it worth it ? do you want everything that comes with it ?  fame comes with a lot it’s not all glamorous; you have paparazzi, screaming fans, misleading blogs, the world commenting and watch your every move and so much more. You might have millions but a lot of famous people still not happy and dissatisfied; some even wish they wasn’t famous. Many people do better in life with their career without fame.

If you don’t get the fame does that mean you failed in life ? well lets break it down if I’m being honest the richest people isn’t famous they’re behind the scene, some people like living mid class lives and just because you’re not known by face doesn’t mean you’re not important.

Me personally I never wanted fame and I never look for come ups by being around famous people, if I get around someone famous I’ll never want anyone to know I’m around a famous person because  a lot comes with being associated in the limelight. Fame to me is pointless, I don’t need it to be successful. I feel like God places people where they need to be so that they can serve him and for me it’s behind the scenes.

I’m too private to share my life with the world, I’m not worthy enough to be praised because being praised isn’t for me it’s for God and Christ.

Follow the directions that God is placing before you, fame isn’t everything it’s not for everyone. I will make it my own way paving my own name.. coming up off of me while touching souls.

Before you go looking for fame ask yourself is it worth it ? Success comes in may ways find your way and stay low.


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