The purity of love is the love deep within

The rawest form of love that’s yet to reach the surface a love so deep it sweeps the pain away and give eternity of butterflies.

Look deep within my eyes and see my love engulf you whole a love you never felt a love you never known a love so stable it humbles you.

A love never been told .. you can’t tell these thing because it’s so much to the feeling.

My love is so pure a love I know to give but a love I never received back. I can’t wait to feel the rawness of your greater self that you hide.. the love that you don’t know because you yet have to look within yourself. I can no longer share my rawness with just anyone I am love so I will give love but to be loved is different

To have the mutual feeling is chilling even from a distance we still connected it’s like my mission is to see what I’m actually missing but is it me or is it you holding up what can be the greatest vision.

The love we will make is pure and safe, my heart will remain in its safe place until it’s time to unlock the door.

The purity of love the purity of more.

This love will not be what’s convenient to you when you feel like you need it time for time but the source of your daily energy.

When you taste real love and feel the warmth of the heart you’ll be able to define real and fake love, you’ll no longer get drained. No longer living in the moments and lusting the thoughts but you’ll be making love to present and whats to come.

Loving my flaws and seeing the raw me as I see your flaws and you give me the raw you no judging will be involved. The imperfect of the flesh but greatness of the soul keep your soul glowing with the light that’s been placed in us.

Sitting with you in silence is all I need, energy to energy vibe to vibe taking in everything that you are inside. I spill out like the roots of a blooming flower my bright and beauty will have you wanting more of me.

You wanting to know who I am and what I am, knowing me not just what you can see and feel stimulating me mentally. I want to be low-key nobody will never know how we get each other and love each other the rawness of what they can never see.

I love the simple things that thrills me whole. It’s not something you force this is something you feel instantly that’s when you know. until you feel this you know nothing so grow within yourself until its time to revel that pure heart.

I felt this in a vision so clear to me the love of love so real for me I seen it so vividly yet I havent lived it yet I cant wait to see the journey for us.

You need me you need to feel the purity of my love and I need to know the purity of your heart.



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