Here is the question everyone talks about ” is online friends considered real friends in real life? ”

Some people might think it’s weird or not normal to considered someone you don’t see on a daily your actual friend. Many people don’t even like using social media at all; but in this day in age it’s the most convent way to connect with people and reach people not only in your city but around the world.

In my defense social media friends can be your real life friends; personally for me all my close friends are people from social media who I talk to daily on the phone or text. I met the greatest people from social media who I’m still connected with today. I still stand by know your friends and who they are you can’t trust everyone and I also learned that the hard way.

People seem to make friends on social media fast because you share your raw thoughts and 50% of who you are and people have no choice but to accept what they see. On social media people are more understanding than trying to connect with someone you know nothing about who can be judgemental. on social media you connect with like-minded individuals. Social media friendships seems to last longer.

So yes social media people can be considered your real life friends… you know them digital and meet them eventually.


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