Should I Compromise or Not ?

Compromising is  something a lot of people do without sometimes knowing, People compromise in relationships with spouse, family, friends and Jobs. The question still stands "should I compromise or not". What is compromising you're thinking ? well compromising is settling for something you don't agree with which doesn't bring you happiness but discomfort, pain and…Read more Should I Compromise or Not ?


Journeys with yourself 

 Walking the path and journey to a pure love, a love that's undeniable, a love that's true; to receive that love from a person you must first find that love within yourself. Recently, I've talked about knowing yourself and knowing your worth (Know Yourself, Know Your Worth) and also there's a article about recognizing…Read more Journeys with yourself 

Friends or Foes 

Do you have friends or foes in your corner ? It's a question we ask ourselves a lot when dealing with people. Questions like are these people really here for me or are they're yes men ? Well if you ask yourself these questions a lot, don't worry. I do the same thing. Let me…Read more Friends or Foes