Claws TNT ( TV Show Review) with video Link

  Hi Nova's Lets talk about the new Drama TV show " Claws"  on TNT that live premiered on TV and twitter a couple of hours ago which will air every Sunday at 9pm. I've been seeing promo for " Claws" for a while now. "Claws" is starring Karrueche, Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston,  Jenn Lyon,…Read more Claws TNT ( TV Show Review) with video Link


GonzII Take One EP (Review) with Link

Hey everyone, today I'll be speaking on the Gonzalez twins ( Dylan and Dakota ) again but today I'll be reviewing their recent projects ; If you don't know who the Gonz twins are check out my article on them here  ( Gonzalez Twins the next big thing ?  ). Recently the Gonz twins just…Read more GonzII Take One EP (Review) with Link

13 reasons why (review)

Hey everyone today I'm going to talk about the new Netflix series " 13 reasons why " based off the book " Thirteen reasons why " written by Jay Asher; now I never read the book but i did watch all 13 episodes of the first season. What the show is based on is a…Read more 13 reasons why (review)

Only 4 One Night (Review)

Hey to everyone reading, today I'm writing a review on the movie "Only 4 one night"  on Netflix starring Karrueche Tran as one of the lead roles " Chloe". Right off the back the movie starts off sweet and loving with Chloe and her husband William " Brian White" and their son, so I'm thinking…Read more Only 4 One Night (Review)

Kong Skull Island Review 

Hey everyone today I'm writhing this article on a review of the great King Kong  " Kong Skull Island"that recently came out this year.  If you don't know this movie is suppose to be part two of the first original movie of King Kong that came out in 2005 ( if you haven't watched the…Read more Kong Skull Island Review